Pure Tea $3.75

Jasmine Green Tea 

Four Season Oolong

Assam Black Tea

Honey Green Tea 

Honey Oolong Tea 


Fresh Milk Tea

Jasmine Green Tea/Oolong Tea/
Black Tea

Class Milk Tea $4.00

Okinawa Milk Tea $4.50

Thai Milk Tea $4.50

Rose Milk Tea $4.50

Honey Milk Tea $4.00



Assam Black Tea Latte $4.50

Jasmine Tea Latte $4.50

Oolong Tea Latte $4.50

Matcha Latte $4.50

Taro Latte $4.50

Premium Black Sugar Latte $4.75 w/ Boba


Fruit Tea $4.50

Jasmine Green Tea / Oolong Tea / Black Tea

Passion Fruit Tea (with Mango Jelly) 

Mango Green Tea (with Litchi Jelly) 

Strawberry Fruit Tea (with Litchi Jelly) 

Litchi Fruit Tea (with Mango Jelly) 

Peach fruit Tea (with Mango Jelly) 

Mango & Passion Fruit Green Tea 

Peach & Kiwi Fruit Green Tea 

Honey Kumquat & Lemon Fruit Green Tea

Honey Grapefruit Green Tea 
Strawberry Mango Green Tea (with Litchi Jelly) 

Pomegranate Black Tea (with Litchi Jelly) 

Raspberry Black Tea


Signature $4.55
Pinky Promise
Kumquat & Lemon with Butterfly Pea flower

Sunset Love
Passion fruit & Mango with Butterfly Pea flower

Fun Special

Kiwi & Kumquat with Butterfly Pea flower



Mucho Mango (with Mango Jelly) $5.35

Passion Fruit (with Litchi Jelly) $5.35
Strawberry Bliss (with Coconut Jelly / Ice Cream) $6.50
Litchi Co Co (with Rainbow Agar) $5.3
Peach (with Mango Jelly / Ice Cream) $6.35
Kumquat & Lemon (with Litchi Jelly) $5.35
Kiwi (with Mango Jelly) $5.35

Raspberry (with Litchi Jelly) $5.35
Oreo Chocolate (with Pearls boba / Ice Cream) $5.35

Bubble Ice coffee (with Cheese Milk Cap / Milk Cap / Ice Cream) $4.95


Smoothies $5.50

Mango (with Cheese Milk Cap / Milk Cap )
Taro (with Cheese Milk Cap / Milk Cap) $5.50
Honeydew (with Cheese Milk Cap / Milk Cap) 

Strawberry (with Cheese Milk Cap / Milk Cap)

Raspberry (with Cheese Milk Cap / Milk Cap)


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